India 2001 Travel Diary, Part 2

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© 2001 Giles Orr

Sunday 13 May 2001, 0930 (Zurich time)

Zurich airport.

Once upon a time, I knew that in Europe, the smokers are winning the battle with the non-smokers. I've been reminded here. There are other things to remember about this airport (the stores selling chocolates and, of course, Swiss Army knives), but that's what struck me first. Technically, there are smoking and non-smoking zones, but many are likely to light up elsewhere. Roxanne, with the trained guilt of a North-American smoker, made sure she was in a smoking area before she lit up.

The washroom stalls are completely enclosed. Privacy!

The airport gives the impression of being (relatively) small. More the size of Milwaukee (but busier) than Atlanta. There are even shower stalls in the washrooms, although I didn't partake (I did brush my teeth, using bottled water).

What's different that I expected? Most of the spoken language around us is German and French.

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