The Best Photographs From McGill (1995)

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This was one of the very first image galleries I ever put on my website: the images are probably the worst scanned on the site. Despite which some of the photos are actually halfway decent.

Image mcgill.stacey2.html, size 58477 b
Image mcgill.stacey.html, size 46735 b
Image mcgill.tinandre.html, size 129807 b
Image mcgill.kevin.html, size 83277 b
Image mcgill.kevpaper.html, size 56471 b
Image mcgill.luc.html, size 66456 b
Image mcgill.michel.html, size 78245 b
Image mcgill.andrjody.html, size 120189 b
Image mcgill.paul.html, size 43523 b
Image mcgill.clark.html, size 119439 b
Image mcgill.glsmel3.html, size 293925 b
Image mcgill.mel.html, size 110147 b
Image mcgill.tuckchnt.html, size 77265 b 
by giles