Bash Prompts

This web page is a child of the Bash Prompt HOWTO that I'm maintaining for the Linux Documentation Project. The HOWTO explains a lot more than I'm going to here.

My interest in Bash Prompts developed when I found "The BashPrompt Themes Project (now long deceased). Some of their prompts show up here, and a lot of what I've done shows the influence of their work.

I started these pages because so many people have been mailing me cool prompts that I couldn't see putting them all in the HOWTO as examples, but I thought they ought to be available to give other people ideas. And it gives me an opportunity to show off some of mine. So here they are. They are presented approximately in increasing order of complexity. Click on the title for the prompt code.

Stock RedHat 5.1 Prompt
A point of reference. User @ hostname and the basename of the current working directory.

Stock Suse Prompt
Another reference. User @ hostname and the full current working directory, with DOS-like appearance.

Dan's Prompt
A long-time tcsh user, Dan's prompt includes the history number, the tty number, and the return value of the last run process.

Jobs Prompt
Keeping track of suspended jobs.

A Light-weight Prompt
Uses colours and fairly standard information.

Elite2 Prompt
Cyan ASCII art VGA only prompt from the BashPrompt Themes package.

Tonka2 Prompt
I like blue and yellow, and I like the Elite prompts from the Bashprompt Themes package.

Red Prompt
One of the colourful VGA prompts from the BashPrompt Themes package.

Combo Prompt
Also from the BashPrompt Themes package, also requires VGA. Similar to Red, uses two colours.

Iosu's Prompt
Another VGA colour gradient prompt, probably the most attractive I've seen. From Iosu Santurtún.

Colourized Load Prompt
The prompt includes one minute load colourized by how high the load is.

Termwide Prompt with tty
This prompt uses two lines, and adjusts itself to the width of your terminal either by including fill or truncating $PWD in the output.

Termwide Prompt with tty and Power
A modification of the above prompt to include an indication of the power remaining in a laptop battery.

Clock Prompt
This prompt puts a clock in the upper right corner of your terminal.

Clock3 Prompt
A much more elaborate prompt (stupid, but kind of attractive) with a clock in the upper right corner. Requires VGA.

Sergio's Prompt
Sergio wrote this originally for DOS, and brought it with him to Linux: the prompt supplies you with essentially a title bar in your terminal, with info (like $PWD) in the titlebar.

Power Prompt 2
Supplies all kinds of info, and is so slow that I can't recommend it. But it was an interesting idea, and may give you some ideas.

My Root Prompt
A somewhat toned down version of "Power Prompt 2" shown above. Faster, includes $PWD clipping.

Mountain Prompt
An attempt to find unused screen real estate - at the right edge of the screen above the current line. (Don't use this - it's bad.)

Flexible Prompt
The culmination of all my work so far. Lots of code. Flexible, powerful, and very likely broken. YMMV. 
by giles