'Fistful of Vengeance' - Movie Review

This is a terrible movie. This isn't precisely a complaint: I knew it when I started watching the movie. It's a statement of fact, and I have no one to blame but myself. Iko Uwais stars in a Netflix movie that's a follow-up to the "Wu Assassins" series I didn't watch (we're told several times he's the "Wu Assassin"). Uwais was, a decade ago, the breakout star of the best martial arts movie of the decade, "The Raid." It was shot in his home country of Indonesia. He's learned English and is now starring in English martial arts trash for bigger pay cheques with worse action (although probably safer) and worse scripts. I hope this paid well, because dear lord it's awful. Badly plotted, badly written, with bad special effects and bad acting. Not that this is uncommon in a martial arts movie ... but the unforgivable sin to me is that the martial arts, while plentiful, are all poorly choreographed, sloppily done, and sloppily shot. About the only appealing feature was that it appears to have been shot entirely in Thailand. They've built some big buildings in Bangkok since I was last there in 2006.