'Infinitum: Subject Unknown' - Movie Review

The staff list on this movie reeked of nepotism: it's directed by Matthew Butler-Hart, and stars Tori Butler-Hart in the lead. Keeping with that theme (although I didn't notice this until the end credits): two minor roles are filled by Wendy Muir Hart and Christopher Hart. But there are two other names attached to the project: Ian McKellen and Conleth Hill. The movie opens with solo talking head shots of these two, alternating: they are scientists for Wytness, talking about their parallel universes project. The bulk of the movie is "Jane," played by Tori Butler-Hart, awaking over and over, tied up in a room in a deserted British suburb. She hears voices, and sometimes her entire reality kind of toggles over to ... elsewhere. She keeps getting reset (to the room), but when that's not happening, she tries to get to Wytness (which turns out to be a large English mansion in the country).

I'm a big fan of closure, or at least ... "explanation," in my movies. This offers very little of either. Although a closing note that the entire movie was made near the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic explained the staffing, the empty streets, and the talking heads - all in one go. The movie was more engaging than it had any right to be given its limitations, but I'm still a little peeved at the lack of resolution: the journey wasn't good enough to allow for the semi-ending.