'Secret Headquarters' - Movie Review

More reminiscent of "The Adam Project" than the director's own (better) "Project Power," this is aimed squarely at kids with little appeal for adults. Also not as good as "The Adam Project," which wasn't a particularly high bar. This is directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who put together the entertaining "Project Power" for Netflix, but they chose to aim particularly low with this one. Part of the similarity to "The Adam Project" is the star of both it and this, Walker Scobell. Scobell is fairly good, and not the problem in either instance.

Owen Wilson is Jack Kincaid, who was chosen by an alien artifact to be "The Guard," a superhero who protects planet Earth. But the demands of his superheroing gig has left him a very negligent dad. When his kid (Scobell) and some of his friends find his man cave and start playing with his toys, they set off a series of events that lead to an evil corporate leader trying to take over the technology that the Guard controls. The kids and the Guard have to fight to protect the technology and the world.