'Slash/Back' - Movie Review

So aliens land in Pangnirtung - as they do, landing in small towns everywhere. This small town just happens to be on Baffin Island. And the aliens start taking over people's bodies ... as they do. The adults have all gone to the next town over for the solstice dance, so our four teenage (barely) girls band together to take out the nasty aliens. After all, they're Inuit hunters.

Wikipedia says this was the first film made in Pang. I can hear your gasps of surprise. Unusually, not only is the town real, the movie's claimed population for the town (1500) seems to be correct. Somewhat less surprising when you're filming up there: a couple surnames are repeated on the cast list more than once. Also unsurprising: when you're choosing from a small population and using kids who are 12 to 15 years old as leads ... the acting is pretty crap. But first, it wasn't a deal-breaker for me, and second ... that's the end of the bad news. The script is hilarious, the scenery is gorgeous, the characters are fairly good despite the poor acting (because the writing was pretty good?). Also, being properly Canadian and Inuit, one of the songs is by Tanya Tagaq.

I'm not quite sure what audience they were expecting to find with this - it's a movie about 13-year olds fighting off a bloody alien invasion that kills several people. Or maybe (and I think this is more likely) they were just having fun, making something they thought they would like. And I liked it too. If you're a fan of horror-comedy, this is definitely worth a try.