It turns out that whisky is a gateway drug ... If you're a whisky drinker, give some thought to trying a (good) tequila straight. Make sure it's 100% agave. That doesn't guarantee good tequila, but if it doesn't say "100% blue agave" you can be sure it won't be good.

Casa Noble Reposado
Smooth and relatively mild flavoured, very nice.
Gran Centenario Añejo
Superb. Intensely peppery. One of Doug's books tells us this is the most "whisky-like" tequila, which would explain my interest in it. Excellent stuff, hard to find in the U.S. (The first bottle I bought came in a box from California at $50 + $20 shipping but more recently I found it at Green's in Atlanta.) Amazingly, Gran Centenario is owned by the kings of tequila crap, Cuervo. Don't let this stop you if you can find a bottle of this!
Gran Centenario Reposado
Not as good as Gran Centenario's Añejo, although still very nice. Basically the same as the Añejo but the lack of aging shows: it's rougher around the edges and has more of the alcohol kick. Buy the Añejo.
Herradura Silver
My favourite readily available and not-too-expensive tequila. Complex, reasonably strong flavour. Good.
Herradura Anejo
20071105: This review won't help anyone but me ... This is a smooth, nice tequila. I didn't find much memorable in it, so perhaps not worth the price?
Sauza Hornitos Reposado
I think this stuff gets a bad reputation simply because it's cheap. It's very good, and I enjoy it every time I drink it. Excellent value for the money you spend.

by giles