SSH Communications Security Limited is located at . Source code for either version of SSH is available. You can also go directly to . has RPM and source packages for most of the Unix software discussed in this talk.

OpenSSH can be found at

Putty can be obtained at : it is a beta Windows-based SSH client. At this time, it doesn't support port forwarding, but it does include a Windows version of scp called pscp.

TTSSH is an add-on for Teraterm. Teraterm is an excellent Windows software terminal emulator, available at . TTSSH is available at .

There are two books we know of on SSH: Anne Carasik's Unix Secure Shell (1999, McGraw-Hill) and Daniel J. Barrett and Richard Silverman's forthcoming SSH, the Secure Shell: the Definitive Guide (due November 2000 from O'Reilly). Anne Carasik is an employee of SSH.

Commonly used ports (which you can check for yourself in /etc/services on most Unix machines) include the following:

ftp-data        20/tcp
ftp             21/tcp
ssh             22/tcp                          # SSH Remote Login Protocol
telnet          23/tcp
smtp            25/tcp          mail
www             80/tcp          http            # WorldWideWeb HTTP
pop-2           109/tcp         postoffice      # POP version 2
pop-3           110/tcp                         # POP version 3
nntp            119/tcp         readnews untp   # USENET News Transfer Protocol
imap2           143/tcp         imap            # Interim Mail Access Proto v2
snmp            161/udp                         # Simple Net Mgmt Proto
irc             194/tcp                         # Internet Relay Chat
imap3           220/tcp                         # Interactive Mail Access
exec            512/tcp
biff            512/udp         comsat
login           513/tcp
who             513/udp         whod
shell           514/tcp         cmd             # no passwords used
syslog          514/udp
printer         515/tcp         spooler         # line printer spooler
talk            517/udp
ntalk           518/udp
uucp            540/tcp         uucpd           # uucp daemon
rsync           873/tcp                         # rsync
mysql           3306/tcp                        # MySQL
ircd            6667/tcp                        # Internet Relay Chat