October 2001

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Photos from Muskoka, Georgia, and Toronto. About half mine and half Catherine's.

Image October2001.20011009.CC.25.html, size 133765 b
Image October2001.20011011.01.html, size 94964 b
Image October2001.20011011.03.html, size 100988 b
Image October2001.20011029.10.html, size 76315 b
Image October2001.20011009.CC.07.html, size 153897 b
Image October2001.20011009.CC.16.html, size 105572 b
Image October2001.20011014.CC.04.html, size 115261 b
Image October2001.20011011.02.html, size 106326 b
Image October2001.20011014.CC.02.html, size 105949 b
Image October2001.20011029.12.html, size 31973 b
Image October2001.20011009.01.html, size 36880 b
Image October2001.20011009.20.html, size 35292 b
Image October2001.20011011.20.html, size 57473 b
Image October2001.20011014.CC.23.html, size 55923 b
Image October2001.20011014.CC.22.html, size 59153 b
Image October2001.20011014.CC.24.html, size 107268 b
Image October2001.Toronto-Night.200110.CC.html, size 100006 b
Image October2001.20011029.02.html, size 81197 b
Image October2001.20011011.24.html, size 90130 b
Image October2001.20011029.06.html, size 78921 b
Image October2001.20011009.CC.24.html, size 85878 b
Image October2001.20011011.07.html, size 115043 b
Image October2001.20011011.11.html, size 90341 b

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