Photos from March to July 2002

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We were in Jacksonville, Florida for a couple days in May 2002.

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I owned this car for seven years. Never got the air conditioning fixed because I always knew it would break down in a couple months ... It never did. I bought it for $2100 and sold it for $400. Great car. I bought another Accord.

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Toronto Graffiti

This graffiti is in an alley off College Street just west of Spadina in Toronto. Excellent work.

Image 200207graffiti.20020715.SS.31A.html, size 170466 b
Image 200207graffiti.20020715.SS.32A.html, size 104978 b
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Habitat 67, Montreal

Habitat 67 was built for Expo 67, the World Fair in Montreal in 1967. Designed by Moshe Safdie, its pre-built concrete boxes were to be the new cheap way to build. In fact, the boxes cost so much to lift into place that it went a long way over budget. I think it looks great though.

Image 200207habitat.20020721.SS.04A.html, size 48848 b
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Montreal seen from Mont Royal

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by giles