January 2005 Photo Gallery

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With the exception of the first photo, which was shot in Toronto, all the photos were taken in downtown Milledgeville on January 29th, 2005. A lot of branches went down, and most of the town lost power for at least six hours. Miserable shooting conditions, but great opportunities!

Image RollSeq200501.20041224.1946.GO.CanonA40.html, size 99517 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.1959.GO.CanonA40.html, size 147848 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.1964.GO.CanonA40.html, size 116413 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.1967.GO.CanonA40.html, size 239176 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.1976.GO.CanonA40.html, size 240409 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.1979.GO.CanonA40.html, size 158588 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.1981.GO.CanonA40.html, size 236890 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.1982.GO.CanonA40.html, size 180071 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.1992.GO.CanonA40.html, size 155799 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.1994.GO.CanonA40.html, size 168068 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.1998.GO.CanonA40.html, size 109691 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.2009.GO.CanonA40.html, size 120984 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.2010.GO.CanonA40.html, size 115852 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.2022.GO.CanonA40.html, size 221346 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.2015.GO.CanonA40.html, size 147121 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.2029.GO.CanonA40.html, size 106453 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.2031.GO.CanonA40.html, size 88091 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.2033.GO.CanonA40.html, size 142156 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.1973.GO.CanonA40.html, size 164456 b
Image RollSeq200501.20050129.2044.GO.CanonA40.html, size 153858 b

by giles