Photographs, Doors Open May 2008

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These photos are all from the annual Doors Open event when a number (140 this year) of historical or just plain interesting buildings around the city open up to welcome people in for a weekend. And yes, I like stained glass.

Image 200805.20080524.6292.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 267220 b
Image 200805.20080524.6293.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 193079 b
Image 200805.20080524.6314.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 237667 b
Image 200805.20080524.6324.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 143656 b
Image 200805.20080524.6330.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 237199 b
Image 200805.20080524.6337.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 164240 b
Image 200805.20080524.6340.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 152735 b
Image 200805.20080524.6344.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 121184 b
Image 200805.20080524.6352.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 200982 b
Image 200805.20080524.6361.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 196037 b
Image 200805.20080524.6373.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 178774 b
Image 200805.20080524.6377.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 187525 b
Image 200805.20080524.6378.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 166291 b
Image 200805.20080524.6379.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 182523 b
Image 200805.20080524.6380.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 163185 b
Image 200805.20080525.6438.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 138811 b
Image 200805.20080525.6442.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 131884 b
Image 200805.20080525.6446.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 228557 b 
by giles