I bought a Nikon 5400 digital camera in early 2005. It turned out to have a close focus range of about one centimeter, which started me taking these photos.

Image Eyes.20050219.0019.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 81063 b
Image Eyes.20050222.0032.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 75565 b
Image Eyes.20050225.0048.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 88281 b
Image Eyes.20050227.0056.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 73138 b
Image Eyes.20050301.0062.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 85073 b
Image Eyes.20050301.0068.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 112250 b
Image Eyes.20050302.0071.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 92264 b
Image Eyes.20050302.0072.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 107483 b
Image Eyes.20050302.0074.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 127502 b
Image Eyes.20050302.0077.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 112003 b
Image Eyes.20050303.0083.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 87727 b
Image Eyes.20050310.0103.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 110396 b
Image Eyes.20050318.0128.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 88119 b
Image Eyes.20050614.0914.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 78001 b
Image Eyes.20050614.0919.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 88785 b
Image Eyes.20050614.0923.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 98364 b
Image Eyes.20050708.0945.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 104168 b
Image Eyes.20050708.0948.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 115848 b
Image Eyes.20050708.0954.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 102545 b
Image Eyes.20050802.0976.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 96361 b
Image Eyes.20050802.0977.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 75837 b
Image Eyes.20050802.0983.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 90648 b
Image Eyes.20081101.7654.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 222674 b

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