Rome, May 2009

After a week in Rome I've been thinking about trying to describe the city, and coming up empty. Not that there's nothing to describe, but too much. Too much history, food, cars, tourists, paintings, scooters, sculpture, churches, limoncello, gelato ... Look at the pictures. Enjoy.

I've increased the maximum size on the images from 900x700 on previous trips to 1000x800, I hope this doesn't cause anyone serious problems (sorry netbook users). If you want to see the whole image but can't without scrolling about, right-click on the image and choose "View Image" (maybe "View Picture" or similar in IE or others): most browsers will auto-scale a big image to fit the available screen space.

My division of images, moving some off to a "Sculptures" page, may seem entirely arbitrary: it's based mostly on whether I was there to see just the sculpture - my own special brand of logic. And I should also perhaps apologize for the abundance of church ceilings ... what can I say, I loved them.

Image Rome2009.20090519.0855.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 151591 b
Image Rome2009.20090519.0857.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 118707 b
Image Rome2009.20090519.0869.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 227289 b
Image Rome2009.20090519.0877.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 136532 b
Image Rome2009.20090517.0738.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 318405 b
Image Rome2009.20090518.0755.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 303325 b
Image Rome2009.20090518.0763.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 322244 b
Image Rome2009.20090522.1221.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 368231 b
Image Rome2009.20090518.0747.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 70127 b
Image Rome2009.20090518.0823.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 254203 b
Image Rome2009.20090517.0740.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 128282 b
Image Rome2009.20090519.0890.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 91512 b
Image Rome2009.20090521.1105.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 106967 b
Image Rome2009.20090521.1133.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 177862 b
Image Rome2009.20090521.1159.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 433247 b
Image Rome2009.20090519.0920.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 131910 b
Image Rome2009.20090519.0923.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 137773 b
Image Rome2009.20090520.0969.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 249768 b
Image Rome2009.20090520.0980.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 270777 b
Image Rome2009.20090519.0902.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 191921 b
Image Rome2009.20090520.0991.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 162699 b
Image Rome2009.trevi_pano.html, size 167684 b
Image Rome2009.20090520.1058.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 198981 b
Image Rome2009.20090521.1087.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 328262 b
Image Rome2009.20090522.1239.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 290923 b
Image Rome2009.20090523.1250.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 194959 b
Image Rome2009.20090524.1305.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 267695 b
Image Rome2009.20090524.1308.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 198993 b
Image Rome2009.20090523.1299.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 157303 b
Image Rome2009.20090521.1212.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 288226 b
Image Rome2009.20090523.1302.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 333358 b
Image Rome2009.20090519.0963.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 210375 b
Image Rome2009.20090523.1288.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 356483 b
Image Rome2009.20090521.1205.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 598665 b
Image Rome2009.20090520.1009.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 187738 b
Image Rome2009.20090520.1015.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 166913 b
Image Rome2009.20090520.1024.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 225882 b
Image Rome2009.20090520.1035.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 186256 b
Image Rome2009.20090520.1041.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 184982 b
Image Rome2009.20090521.1074.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 183695 b
Image Rome2009.20090521.1077.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 228285 b
Image Rome2009.20090521.1094.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 230170 b
Image Rome2009.20090521.1098.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 233161 b
Image Rome2009.20090521.1122.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 354934 b
Image Rome2009.20090521.1123.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 250659 b 
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