Why I Use Linux

Screenshot of a machine with 392 days uptime

Screenshot of a machine with 431 days uptime

For those Windows users among you, look at the uptime (ie. how long the machines have been running without a reboot). Over a year is fairly common with Linux boxes, so I'm setting no records, but most of my boxes don't make it this far because I have to make physical changes to the hardware or upgrade the OS, both of which needed to be done to the computer shown at the top. After I took the screen shot, I upgraded it. The computer shown by the bottom image was taken out two or three days after this screen capture by a half-day power outage. Not much you can do about those.

I joined the ranks of the Linux faithful because I was tired of Windows crashing daily. Why should we accept that as normal? But I've stayed because everything else works so well ...

Recently (2005 onwards) my numbers haven't been good because I'm being "green," and turning my computer off when I'm not using it. Since I no longer work as a sysadmin, that means I don't have any always-on systems anymore.

by giles