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The Comprehensive List of Window Managers for Unix

This is a list of every freely available Window Manager I'm aware of (roughly 180 in 2011, about 185 in 2021). New testing/alpha/beta versions won't be listed when a stable version is available. You can sort the table on a particular field by clicking on the header row (should work in any browser).

I'm adding non-English WMs, with the caveat that English is the only language I speak. Non-English projects may not have version number listings.

Recent adds (that doesn't mean they're new WMs): EMWM (2023-03-22), Motif WM (2023-04-01).

Most recent updates: 2023-05-27 09:41

URLs Version Release
Authors Notes

Name URLs Version Release date Download Link Date checked Authors Notes
2bwm [homepage] git 20210820 20230424 Patrick "Venam" Louis "A fast floating WM written over the XCB library and derived from mcwm."
2wm [homepage]
not available Anselm Garbe

"Stereo WM." Stripped/simplified version of dwm, same author. Reasonably thorough documentation. The "homepage" given is the suckless.org git repository. 2wm has periodically disappeared in the past. Gone 2018-01.

Original homepage. Local archived (2007) copy.

3Dwm [homepage]
not available Niklas Elmqvist, Robert Karlsson. One of the earliest attempts at 3D appearance in a WM. Site died mid-2010, there had been no development for quite a while.
5Dwm Eric Masson See MaXX Interactive Desktop.
9wm [homepage]
1.4.2 20220120 20230512 originally David Hogan, now Neale Pickett and others Imitates the 8-1/2 WM (Plan 9 OS). See also w9wm (which adds virtual desktops) and rio, which claims to be a more exact imitation. Often used as a code base for other WMs.
adwm [homepage]
0.7.16 20220128 20230411 Brian Bidulock "Advanced Dynamic Window Manager." "This was originally a fork of Echinus which in turn was a fork of dwm, and borrows concepts from velox, awesome, spectrwm and wmii." ie. it's a tiling WM.
Aegis [homepage]
not available Michael Brailsford Child of Kahakai, based on aewm++. Code only available through SVN. Vanished summer 2014, former URL http://aegiswm.berlios.de/.
aewm [homepage]
not available Decklin Foster A very popular code base for many other WMs. 2003 Review. Removed from red-bean.com ~2019-11. Still available pre-compiled in some distros in 2020.
aewm++ [homepage] [Wikipedia] not available Frank Hale Sapphire and aewm++ are different aspects of a project by Frank Hale. aewm++ is a rewrite of aewm (which is in C) in C++. 20100706 onward: source access at google currently broken. 2003 Review
AfterStep [homepage]
2.2.12 20130610 20230414 Sasha Vasko "Originally based on the look and feel of the NeXTStep interface."
AHWM [homepage]
git 20100901 20230417 Alex Hioreanu "Alex Hioreanu's Window Manager." Free but non-GPL license. Astonishing for its comprehensive documentation. His primary motivation for writing this now-abandoned WM was to fix the problems he saw with sloppy focus. Notes
ajaxWM [homepage]
0.2.6 20080228 20230424 server: Dennis Felsing, client: Andreas Waidler. Ajax-based WM that runs entirely in a browser. Currently in alpha state and runs only in Firefox.
Alopex [homepage]
git 20190812 20230515 Jesse "TrilbyWhite" McClure Tiling, cites tinywm, dwm, i3 and monster as inspiration. ArchWiki documentation. GPL3 license.
AlloyWM [homepage]
not available Last known address http://www.phatboydesigns.net/alloywm/ is now advertising space. Was a modification of aewm.
alpt-wm [homepage]
not available Andrea "AlpT" Lo Pumo "This is my custom, window manager. It's small, functional and fast. It is based on dwm ..." 2012-12: now subject to a bad domain redirect. 2013-03: author still has web presence, no mention of WM.
amaterus [homepage]
not available Hiroyuki Komatsu GTK-based. Screen shots all show GNOME toolbar. Source (last known version 0.34.1 dated 20021124) is MIA. Website is disintegrating over time.
AmiWM [homepage]
0.21pl2 20100720 20230515 Marcus Comstedt Imitates the Amiga Workbench. Has its own "Generic amiwm License." New version 201007 ... 12 years after the last release. This site may be of interest to fans.
Anarchy [homepage]
not available Eduardo Cavazos "CLOS oriented Scheme code. The implementation language is Gauche Scheme." It requires Gauche and gauche-x (probably by the same author). Homepage vanished between 20081229 and 20090212 (http://proteus.freeshell.org/anarchy/).
anion3 [homepage]
not available orig. Tuomo Valkonen. Now Sergej Pupykin. Fork of the dead Ion3. Tiling. Now "deprecated" (~201107) in favour of notion.
Antico [homepage]
git 20090525 20230517 previously listed as "Peppino", repo owner Giuseppe "antico" Cigala (2019-07-20) Qt4 window manager, trying to avoid other dependencies. Development appears to have ceased in 2009.
AntiRight [homepage]
3.10 20100903 20230519 Jeffrey E. Bedard aka "GUIShell." Based on GTK+ 2.x. Meant to be low resource. It would appear that the actual window manager is the "gtkshell," but its functionality is so heavily tied in with "ACE" (also a part of the package) that a separate listing doesn't make sense.
AntiWM [homepage]
0.0.5 20090531 20230517 Nolan Liebert Written in C, "inspired by" Ratpoison (and inheriting the screen/emacs keys), all windows full screen, MIT license. Same author as TAL/wm and dwemo. Notes
Athene Desktop Edition [homepage]
not available Rocklyte Systems Athene is actually an operating system, but there is a package available that runs on top of a Linux kernel. It's a GUI that doesn't use X11/XOrg. The license is almost certainly not GPL, although this package is "freely available." Site dead 201011.
awesome [homepage] [Wikipedia] 4.3 20190128 20230424 Julien Danjou, Nikos Ntarmos, Aldo Cortesi. "awesome is a highly configurable, next generation framework window manager for X. It is very fast, extensible and licensed under the GNU GPLv2 license." Tiling, originally based on dwm, includes Xinerama support, very active. Notes
awm [homepage] X
not available Jordan Hubbard "The Ardent Window Manager was for a while a hotbed for hackers and offered some features (dynamic menus) not found on more current window managers." Based on uwm. "Homepage" link is to an archive at xwinman.org (broken since ~2017-06, but they still link to it themselves).
B4Step [homepage]
2.2 20010627 20230522 Eric Boucher Free to use, but not GPL. He supplies only binaries that are now more than fifteen years old. Mash-up of Mac OS 8/9, GNOME, and OPENSTEP? Shaped windows. Version number and date is for Intel/RH 7.1 binary. Website straight outta 2001.
BadWM [homepage]
0.1.1 20040915 20230425 Robert Annessi Website: "Not actively maintained." Minimalist, no decorations.
Berry [homepage]
0.1.12 20221024 20230518 Joshua Ervin "bite-sized window manager" written in C. "Controlled via a powerful command-line client, allowing users to control windows via a hotkey daemon such as sxhkd or expand functionality via shell scripts."
Beryl [homepage]
not available Quinn_Storm, Dennis Kasprzyk, Nicholas Thomas, Robert Carr, Nigel Cunningham, Kristian Lyngstøl Fork of the graphics-heavy Compiz. Compiz and Beryl have re-merged (started ~200705) to create Compiz Fusion. Now merged back to the Compiz project.
Blackbox [homepage]
0.77 20210512 20230518 Brad Hughes, then Jeff Raven, now Sean Shaleh Perry. One of the mainstays of the alternative WM world. Fluxbox, Openbox and many others are based on this. Old page died 2018-03: Arch Linux maintenance branch (linked above) is now the main release. 2003 Review
Bluetile [homepage]
0.6 20111126 20230425 Jan Vornberger Based on XMonad, tiling/stacking WM intended for GNOME. Nice intro screencast, looks surprisingly easy to use - but has XMonad's Haskell requirement, and needs cabal to install. BSD3 license.
BrainTop [homepage]
not available Roberto "MadBob" Guido Part of the "Lobotomy" project. The window manager "BrainTop" is a derivative of, and very similar to, XFCE's WM. Site dead 201308.
bspwm [homepage]
git 20221119 20230519 Bastien "baskerville" Dejean "Tiling window manager based on binary space partitioning." I haven't had time to figure out what that means ... But it came recommended.
Byobu [homepage]
5.133 20200217 20230504 Dustin Kirkland, Nick Barcet, Raphaël Pinson, Derek Carter Originally an enhancement for GNU Screen, Byobu is now a text-based window manager and terminal multiplexer that also works with tmux. Written in Python for Ubuntu, now works with most Linux distros, plus BSD and Mac.
cagebreak [homepage] 2.1.1 20230417 20230424 "project-repo" on GitHub "A Wayland Tiling Compositor Inspired by Ratpoison." MIT license.
catwm [homepage]
git 20111231 20230504 "pyknite" Tiling WM for Arch Linux, written in C, related to dwm. Discussion at this Arch Linux Forum.
Cinnamon [homepage]
5.6.8 20230316 20230504 A UI, not a WM, a GNOME Shell variant meant to emulate GNOME 2 for those who don't like GNOME 3. Uses the Muffin WM.
Clementine [homepage]
0.0.7 beta 20020325 20230523 Dave Berton Based on aewm, written in C++. "Clementine is only somewhat functional at the moment. Unless you plan to hack on the source, it is not recommended that you do much with it."
clfswm [homepage]
1212 20121207 20230527 Philippe Brochard "Based on TinyWM and Stumpwm." Written entirely in Common Lisp, requires a lisp interpreter, or you can download the self-contained binary pack.
Common Desktop Environment [homepage]
2.5.1 20221001 20230512 CDE was released in 1993. It had a long history, and was often imitated. In 2012, it and the supporting Motif toolkit were open-sourced. As of 2018 it's still build-it-yourself, no packages.
Compiz [homepage]
[Wikipedia] 20220822 20230411 Attractive and graphics-intensive. Beryl forked from Compiz, they re-merged 2007 to form Compiz Fusion, became just "Compiz" again early 2011.
Compiz Fusion [homepage]
not available "Compiz Fusion is the result of a merge between the well-known Beryl composite window manager and Compiz Extras, a community set of improvements to the Compiz composite window manager." Now merged back to Compiz.
CTWM [homepage]
4.1.0 20230326 20230407 Previously Claude Lecommandeur, now Richard Levitte. Adds virtual desktops and even more configurability to TWM. One of my main WMs for years, although less so recently. 2003 Review
cwm [homepage] 7.1 20220430 20230518 Marius Aamodt Eriksen, taken over by Lea Neukirchen Originally based on evilwm, now written from scratch. Disappeared in 2015, rediscovered (new maintainer) late 2019. OpenBSD had a copy - older than the "homepage" link, but the first linked one is portable.
dminiwm [homepage]
git 20141224 20230519 "moetunes"

Based on catwm, itself based on dwm. Minimalist tiling WM. Spawned monsterwm. The author has several variants by different names with slightly different functionality.

Deep Space Window Manager [homepage]
git 20161117 20230519 Alexander "cosmonaut" Vynnyk Based on StumpWM (written in Lisp). "Better usability, better integration with Emacs." Project frozen (2016-11) with the intent of merging back to StumpWM.
dvtm [homepage]
0.15 20160109 20230414 Marc Andre Tanner Dynamic Virtual Terminal Manager: "dvtm brings dwm and its concept of tiling window management to the console." Borrowed some code from dwm. Text only. MIT/X Consortium License. Notes
dwemo [homepage]
not available Nolan Liebert Trying to be very small. MIT License. Same author as TAL/wm and AntiWM. Author Liebert says it's currently "relatively unstable" (20080803 - my experience included crashing as soon as you ran a terminal) but that he plans to stabilize it enough for production use. Files disappeared ~200909.
dwl [homepage] 0.4 20221230 20230411 Devin J. Pohly "dwl is a compact, hackable compositor for Wayland based on wlroots [part of sway]. It is intended to fill the same space in the Wayland world that dwm does in X11 ..."
dwm [homepage]
6.4 20221004 20230518 Anselm Garbe "Dynamic Window Manager," another keyboard-driven WM from the wmii people. "Because dwm is customized through editing its source code, it's pointless to make binary packages of it. This keeps its userbase small and elitist. No novices asking stupid questions." Version 5.2 source package 18kb. 4.8 on is supposed to include Xinerama support, I haven't checked. MIT license.
dwm-ipc [homepage]
1.5.7 20201106 20230519 Mihir "mihirlad55" Lad "A DWM patch that allows IPC communication through a UNIX socket."
E16 [homepage] 1.0.27 20221126 20230407 The Enlightenment team "E16 is predecessor of the current ... Enlightenment ..." I don't usually like to keep separate entries on particular revs, but Enlightenment E16 has been particularly popular and well (and separately) maintained.
echinus wm [homepage]
0.4.9 20110920 20230517 Alexander Polakov Based on the same author's fwm, which was based on dwm's code base and took some ideas from Plan 9's rio. It's "in the spirit of dwm." The git repo (but not the web page) says it's not maintained anymore and a comment on the page says "I use cwm ...
Eclipse [homepage]
not available Nikos Drakos, Ross Moore, Erik Enge ... A WM, not the well known IDE. Written in Common Lisp, student programming project. Pointer to CVS snapshot tarball is broken, CVS itself was available, now gone. Abandoned, succumbing to link rot.
EDE [homepage]
2.1 20140621 20230414 v1: Martin Pekar, Mikko Lahtenaaki, Dejan Lekic, Alexey Parshin. v2: Sanel Zukan, Vedran Ljubovic. Equinox Desktop Environment. "Familiar look and feel" which means "Windows."
Efsane II [homepage]
not available Serdar Özler. Turkish. Written in C++. Site died 200908.
eggwm [homepage]
0.2 20110212 20230522 José Expésito

alt home. Written in C++, Qt4 libraries, GPLv3. freedesktop.org / EWMH / ICCCM compliant. Meant to be lightweight, standards-compliant, and eventually add gesture control. code.google.com is archived, live fork at https://github.com/xiangzhai/eggwm.

Elevate [homepage]
0.2.0 20071118 20230518 Kostis Kapelonis Part of "Project Elevate" to simplify our complex UIs. Has a very long list or requirements, was in development for years, now abandoned?
Enlightenment [homepage]
0.25.4 20220915 20230522 Orig. Geoff "Mandrake" Harrison and Carsten "Rasterman" Haitzler. Now a large team. Bringing you shaped windows, configurability, and heavy graphics since 2000. Originally based on fvwm 2. Big Samsung funding 2009-11. Version E17 dropped 2012-12 after a decade wait. This is a "Desktop Environment," not just a WM. Forks: E16, Moksha (E17).
EPIwm [homepage]
0.5.6 20020110 20230518 Students at EPITA in France. "Small, fast, light." School project. Appears fairly themeable. Last developed in the age of the 80386 ...
euclid-wm [homepage]
0.4.3 20131216 20230416 William Diem "... minimalist, tiling window manager ... easy-to-learn, vim-like key-bindings ... seeks to ... balance the ease of use common among automatic-layout tiling window manager with the flexibility of manual layout WMs." BSD license.
EvilPoison [homepage]
not available Clive Crous, Pasi Kallinen "A non-wimp window manager for X11 based loosely on evilwm and Ratpoison." Used to claim it was "evilwm source code with Ratpoison-like key bindings." Crous' projects vanish frequently (201009, 201011, 201101). 2012-02: Slashdot announced that Crous will be the head of Linux Game Publishing, 2014-10: WM vanished entirely.
evilwm [homepage]
1.4.2 20221108 20230522 Ciaran Anscomb Minimalistic keyboard driven WM with vi- and nethack-like key bindings. 2003 Review
expocity [homepage]
not available Applied Apple Exposé-like behaviour to Metacity. Development discontinued around 2005: "This version is now outdated and the modern X window system nowadays allows for much better effects than what was possible with expocity." Web page deceased: last known address: http://www.pycage.de/#expocity .
E2WM [homepage] 1.4 20170214 20230512 Masashi Sakurai et al "Equilibrium Emacs Window Manager," tiling (?), GPL3.
Emacs X Window Manager (EXWM) [homepage]
0.27 20221110 20230504 Chris (git: "ch11ng") Feng Makes Emacs your tiling Window Manager. (See also XWEM.) Written in Emacs Lisp.
EMWM [homepage] 1.1 20230424 20230519 Alexander Pampuchin "Enhanced Motif Window Manager," based on the original MWM but with modern updates like UTF-8, Xft fonts, and multi-monitor. See also: MWM (Motif), MWM (Lesstif)
failsafewm Bundled with swm. See swm.
Firebox [homepage]
not available Cyrille Bagard Written from scratch in C, inspired by Fluxbox, HackedBox, Blackbox, Enlightenment, and WindowLab, but particularly by Openbox and wmii. Site vanished ~201106. Notes
Fluxbox [homepage]
1.3.7 20150208 20230518 Henrik Kinnunen Child of Blackbox with built-in keybindings and the tabs from PWM, quite popular. A personal favourite. 2003 Review
FLWM [homepage]
1.02 20060630 20230522 Bill Spitzak Vertical titlebars, inspired by (and codebase from) wm2. Requires fltk libraries by the same author. Version "0.25" (which appears to be newer) can be found in the linked git repo. Review.
FpcBol [homepage]
2.0 beta 20100907 20230522 Florence Gestio Not a WM, a "Desktop User Interface ... for childrens (and others) ... works with pentium 200 minimalist configuration." Requires festival and mbrola to speak. "FPC" indicates it's written for the Free Pascal Compiler. Requires Metacity or Compiz?
Framer [homepage]
0.1 20030421 20230522 Christoph Dietze Written in old version of Eiffel and requires wxWindows (probably an old version), meant to go with ROX. Appears to be abandoned, ROX has moved on.
FrankenWM [homepage]
1.0.23 / git 20200729 / 20211029 20230417 Robin "sulami" Schroer Tiling WM forked from monsterwm. Written in C, only configurable on compile.
fvwm 1 [homepage]
not available Robert Nation et al. Version 1 of this venerable WM remained available from their website for 20 years after its release, but is finally gone in mid-2016. See fvwm 2.
fvwm 2 [homepage]
2.7.0 20221020 20230522 Robert Nation et al. Flexible appearance and behaviour, and a very long history. Version 2.7.0 predates 2.6.4 considerably, don't know why. As of 202001 or earlier, this is in "maintenance mode" and version 3 is recommended. 2003 Review
fvwm 3 [homepage] 1.0.6a 20230116 20230522 Thomas Adam et al at GitHub Version 3 is a work-in-progress as I add it 2020-01. As of 2020-09 they're showing 1.0.x, which is promising.
fvwm95 [homepage]
2.0.43f 20030503 20230522 Hector Peraza fvwm 2 modified to look and act like Windows 95. Among the downloads there is also a (older) file called fvwm98.
fvwm-crystal [homepage]
3.7.3 20220206 20230523 Maciej Delmanowski fvwm 2 dressed up to look and act even better. Requires a recent version of fvwm2. Different version tags are available on GitHub and SourceForge (nice going guys).
fwm [homepage]
not available Alexander Polakov The abandoned predecessor to echinus wm. Based on dwm's source code, partly inspired by Plan 9's rio. Site disappeared ~200810, last known address http://koluthcka.ru/fwm/fwm.html
fxwm [homepage]
not available Sander Jansen "FOX Desktop", built using the FOX toolkit. The homepage listed here is the author's. No download is available - in fact, no mention of it is made at all anymore.
Gala [homepage]
7.0.2 20230404 20230407 A variant of Mutter used by Elementary OS. Looks hard to build outside of Elementary, but it's available as a Fedora package!
Glassomium [homepage]
0.3 20121216 20230407 Piero Toffanin "... cross-platform web-based TUIO-enabled multi-touch window manager. ... runs everything in texture-mapped web browser windows so that you can focus on creating applications ..." C++, Apache license, large (0.3 src = 137MB - includes the Berkelium library, large parts of Angry Birds Rio, and a Windows Ruby installer).
GNOME [homepage]
43.4 20230210 20230417 This is a Desktop Environment and NOT a Window Manager. They rely on other WMs, previously Enlightenment and Sawfish, now Metacity or Compiz.
goomwwm [homepage]
git 20150517 20230417 Sean Pringle "get out of my way, window manager!" Tiling, tagging, keyboard-driven. Same author as xoat.
Golem [homepage]
0.0.6 20060301 20230523 Orig. Jordan DeLong, now Bruce Ashfield. Nice looking, once promising project, now apparently abandoned. BSD license. 2003 Review
gwm [homepage]
not available Colas Nahaboo (v1?), Anders Holst (v2) "Generic" WM. v1.8 in 1995 (permissive license), new author with v2.0 in 2005, complete rewrite (GPL). Uses "an interpreted dialect of Lisp with specific window management primitives." Website goes down occasionally. Look further down for a link to v2.1+ downloads. Some (older) documentation here.
GwML [homepage]
not available Fabrice Le Fessant Inspired by gwm (Generic Window Manager), written in and configured using Objective CAML (OCAML). "May never get past Alpha," GwML is a side project to go with the editor Efuns. Package vanished 200909, site dead 201111, pointing to author's site (which has broken links).
HackedBox [homepage]
not available Larry Owen Modified/simplified Blackbox. Most notably, the toolbar and slit were removed. Site died ~201310. 2003 Review
Haydar Desktop Environment [homepage]
2.0.3 20080322 20230420 Haydar Alkaduhimi HDE closely emulates the appearance of Windows Vista. Depends on QT4. Another sourceforge page with rather different (older?) information.
HaZe [homepage]
0.2 20010520 20230523 argonaut_@yahoo.com mlvwm (Macintosh-8/9-alike) modified - very black and white.
heliwm [homepage]
1.13 20060303 20230527 Hidetoshi Ohtomo Intended to be extremely small and light ("to save electricity consumption"). No virtual desktops. 2003 Review
Herbstluftwm [homepage]
0.9.5 20220716 20230527 Thorsten Wißmann 2011 Tiling WM borrowing ideas from i3, musca, xmonad, and wmii.
howm [homepage] git 20211007 20230527 Harvey Hunt "A lightweight, tiling X11 window manager that mimics vi by offering operators, motions and modes."
i3 [homepage]
4.22 20230102 20230527 Michael Stapelberg Developed because the author was unsatisfied with wmii. Tiling WM, revised BSD license.
IceWM [homepage]
3.3.2 20230313 20230407 Originally Marko Macek, then Mathias Hasselmann, now Brian Bidulock. Originally written (in C++) to emulate OS/2 and Windows 95/98, but it's grown. Themeable and has virtual desktops. 2003 Review
Integrity [homepage]
1.0 20040808 20230527 Jason Athey QT-based. As of 20081004 the index.php page is displaying only the entry page and won't show downloads or anything else. For the source: http://sourceforge.net/projects/integrity/.
Interface [homepage]
0.2.5 20030914 20230527 Ian Mondragon Written in Objective C for GNUstep.
Ion [homepage]
3-20090110 20090110 20230407 Tuomo Valkonen Keyboard-driven framing tabbed WM. Successor to PWM. Custom license based on LGPL. Read about the author at the Wikipedia entry ... following that, no more downloads at his site, the content is hosted elsewhere. Continued by notion.
JBWM [homepage] 1.63 20221216 20230411 Jeffrey E. "jefbed" Bedard / Alisa Bedard Uses the code base of aewm and ideas from evilwm to try to make a fast and lightweight WM.
JD4X [homepage]
0.6 20060201 20230411 Tay Hock Keong, Brandon Tay, Joseph Gledhill, Marc Patteet, Christopher R. Java Desktop for X. Meant for Java programmers. Written in a mix of Java and C. (Probably incredibly hard/impossible to build in 2022.)
Jewel [homepage]
0.12.40 20020823 20230411 MJ Ray A spin-off of aewm++/Sapphire (thus the name), this is also written in C++. They started to try to rewrite it in Objective C as well, but that never materialized.
JoyWM [homepage]
not available mfranke@dulug.de Was LMMS, "Linux MultiMedia System," Renamed 200709. Intended as a way of accessing photos, audio, video, etc. on a limited screen with a joystick. "... a GUI written in pygame ..." Page had been empty for a couple years, died 2011-10.
JWM [homepage]
2.4.3 20221022 20230505 Joe Wingbermuehle Joe's WM - similar to IceWM and Windows 98. As of v2.3.6, license has switched to MIT. Lightweight, intended for low-power/older computers.
Kahakai [homepage]
0.6.2 20040207 20230420 Eugene Pervago, Nick Wesch, Daniel Brown, Michael Brailsford, Alex Earl, Faugn, Hyriand, Jeff Hughes. Fork of Waimea with scripting added. Discontinued, followed by Aegis.
Karmen [homepage]
0.15 20081228 20230416 Johan Veenhuizen "There is no configuration file and no library dependencies other than Xlib. The input focus model is click-to-focus. Karmen aims at ICCCM and EWMH compliance." Same author as the more recent Wind.
KDE [homepage]
5.27.4 20230404 20230425 KDE (unlike its best known competitor) does include a Window Manager, kwin. Famous, big, pretty.
larswm [homepage]
not available Lars Bernhardsson Keyboard-driven, minimalist, auto-tiling (the first?). Based on 9wm. Includes Xinerama support. Website died ~200910.
LeftWM [homepage]
0.4.1 20221226 20230411 Lex "lex148" Childs Tiling WM, MIT license, written in Rust.
LMMS not available mfranke@dulug.de "Linux MultiMedia System." "LMMS is a project trying to create a gui for TV that can be used with a gamepad/joystick. In future there shall be various applications for playing audiofiles ... and videofiles ..." As of 200709 this project has been renamed JoyWM.
Looking Glass 3D [homepage]
not available Colin M. Bullock, Christian Ost, David Weizades, Deron Johnson, Van der Haegen Mathieu, Kirk Turner, Giordano Fracasso, Hideya Kawahara, Krishna Gadepalli, Juan González, Paul Byrne, Phil Dowell, Pierre Ducroquet, Radek Kierner. 3D desktop environment written in Java. Declared "practically dead" 200909. Previously sponsored by Sun. Never passed early beta. Bad security certificate. Site dead 2012-04.
Liri OS Shell [homepage]
git 20230405 20230412 the Liri team ... but primarily Pier Luigi ("plfiorini") Fiorini The (graphical) "shell" for Liri OS. May not be buildable without that: requires at least Qt and Wayland.
Lucca WM [homepage]
0.1.2 20080422 20230420 Vincent Povirk MIT license tiling WM intended for GNOME. Written in C, requires GTK and XLib.
lwm [homepage]
1.2.4 20160212 20230420 Originally Elliott Hughes. Maintenance by James Carter. "Lightweight" WM, fairly minimal decorations.
Luminocity [homepage]
? 2005? 20230412 Modification of Metacity. Discontinued in favour of Compiz/Beryl? I don't think there's any code to be downloaded anymore.
Lunchbox [homepage]
git 20151107 20230412 Alysander Stanley Defaults to tiling mode, with simple resizing. Also does stacking mode. Includes a "title menu" to replace tabs. "Working toward EWMH and ICCCM compliance." University project: will it continue? Written in C. Notes (2010)
LXP [homepage]
0.2-1d 20070208 20230414 Manuel Carrasco Not a WM. "LXP is a desktop environment identical to Windows XP. LXP is a collection of different pieces of GNU software (IceWM, xfe, idesk, etc) modified in order to look and feel identical to Windows XP."
LXDE [homepage]
0.10.1 20210225 20230527 "The LXDE Team" The "Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment" (this isn't a window manager, it's a DE). A lighter alternative to KDE or GNOME. Uses Openbox as the default WM. Development is at https://github.com/lxde although their website still points to sourceforge.
LXQt [homepage]
1.3.0 20230415 20230505 "The LXQt Team" The "Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment" (forked from LXDE). A lighter alternative to KDE or GNOME. Uses Openbox as the default WM.
maewm [homepage]
not available Hack of aewm. Info and homepage from xwinman.org. URL seems to have died permanently 201008.
Manix [homepage]
not available Magnus Sjöstrand Mac OS 8/9-alike. Radical change of website ~200903, and went from v0.6 to git only. Needs SCons (and git of course) to build. Activity ceased around 200903? Site blank 201005, dead 201011.
Marco [homepage]
1.26.1 20221112 20230425 MATE maintainers(?) Fork of Metacity, window manager for the MATE desktop. Probably not something you'd run on its own.
Matchbox [homepage] [Wikipedia] not available Matthew Allum Intended for handhelds and very small screens. Almost a full desktop (not just WM). Runs on the Nokia Internet Tablets, the OLPC, and the OpenMoko phone. Development has stalled, site dead 2011-12. 2003 Review
matwm2 [homepage] git 20200727 20230416 Mattis Michel A simplistic overlapping X11 window manager for POSIX systems." "... window frames with titlebar and buttons, configurable key bindings and mouse buttons, support for EWMH and motif hints, focus-follows-mouse and click-to-focus focus models, virtual desktops, Xft fonts and xinerama support."
mavosxwm [homepage]
0.2.1 20030221 20230420 Martin Vollrathson Based on wm2. 200808: download link broken, check sourceforge link .
Maxx Interactive Desktop [homepage]
2.1.1 2020-06? 20230412 Eric Masson Similar to the proprietary Silicon Graphics IRIX 4Dwm, previously called 5dwm. Restrictive license with SGI (not open source, although he claims they're opening it). Site has changed and/or vanished in the past.
mazewm [homepage]
1.0.1 20140121 20230416 "goingnuts" (Sourceforge name) "Based on mlvwm with elements from HaZe. Added style for menubar, menus and desktop background. Added sound theme capabilities." Claims a very small memory footprint.
mcwm [homepage]
git/20181007 20181007 20230522 Michael "MC" Cardell Widerkrantz Floating (not tiling) minimalist WM. Built on XCB, doesn't use Xlib. ISC license. Borrows ideas from ctwm, evilwm, vi / nethack, tinywm. Declared "stopped" late 2013.
mdtwm [homepage]
git 20200709 20230416 Michał "ziutek" Derkacz mdt = "Mouse Driven Tiling" (virtually all tiling WMs are very keyboard-oriented). Written in Go. Strange mouse choices, using the right mouse button for all actions.
Metacity [homepage]
3.46.1 20221224 20230425 "GNOME Team" "Boring window manager for the adult in you. Many window managers are like Marshmallow Froot Loops; Metacity is like Cheerios." (the developers.) Doesn't do much without GNOME. See also this not-a-homepage.
Metisse [homepage]
not available Olivier Chapuis, Nicolas Roussel Very pretty psuedo-3D effects, testbed WM based on FVWM 2.5.x. Brought forward by Mandriva spring 2007. Requires its own modified X server ("nucleo"). A lot of reading and compiling is called for: I was unable to get it (v0.4.0-rc4) to work myself. Active 2009-10, stalled 2011? Site dead 2022-06.
Mezzo [homepage]
not available Ryan Quinn Part of Symphony OS, a modification of fvwm 2 that runs on a modified(?) Ubuntu. Website makes grandiose statements about running all Linux and Windows apps ... but development appears to be at a standstill. Site died approx. 201012.
MID4Linux "Mass Interactive Desktop for Linux," another name for 5Dwm which imitates the Irix Magic Desktop. See MaXX Interactive Desktop, the new name for 5Dwm.
miwm [homepage]
1-1 20030709 20230416 Ben Paul Wise "Microscopic" WM, written in C++, "incorporating lessons from lwm, awm, wmx, Blackbox, and UDE. Example code was lifted from awm, lwm and wmx, but also rather extensively re-written."
mlvwm [homepage]
0.9.1 20000627 20230420 Takahashi Hasegawa Macintosh like virtual WM. (The website is so old (2000!) it uses the <blink> tag.)
Moksha [homepage] 0.3.4 20220829 20230420 Jeff Hoogland A fork of Enlightenment DR17 under the auspices of Bodhi Linux. The page recommends Bodhi, go to GitHub to get Moksha itself.
Monkey WM [homepage]
0.3 20071107 20230425 Chris Tillberg GPL, written in Freepascal. The author took hints from sWM and WindowLab.
monsterwm [homepage]
git 20120303 20230416 Ivan "c00kiemon5ter" Kanakarakis Lineage: 2wm/dwm -> catwm -> dminiwm -> monsterwm. Tiling, minimalist. Good instructions at archlinux wiki.
Mosquito [homepage]
not available erth7411 at csd dot uu dot se C++, garish colours. Website has been significantly stripped ~2008-04. 403 ~2011-04 on, 404 ~2011-10.
Mousetoxin [homepage]
not available Troels "Athas" Henriksen, Martin "dybber" Dybdal "A reimplementation of Ratpoison in Literate Haskell." Apparently abandoned: "homepage" points to author's "programs" page although this program doesn't appear there.
Multi-Cursor Window Manager [homepage]
1.0 20060310 20230411 Grant Wallace et al Supports multiple simultaneous users. Based on IceWM.
MPWM [homepage]
not available Peter Hutterer Part of the "Multi-Pointer X Server" project: "As of May 27 2008, MPX is part of the standard X.org X Window System implementation." MPWM was a proof-of-concept WM that he made available. Thank him when you see multi-touch in X. MPWM appears to be gone.
Muffin [homepage]
5.6.4 20230316 20230505 Primary GitHub contributors: Clement Lefebvre, Michael Webster The WM for Cinnamon. Cinnamon is a GNOME Shell fork, and Muffin a fork of Mutter, the GNOME Shell WM.
Musca [homepage]
not available Sean Pringle Tiling WM, borrows from Ratpoison and dwm, uses dmenu for menuing. Wikipedia says "Musca ... is one of the minor southern constellations."
Mutter [homepage]
44.1 20230425 20230505 The base WM for GNOME 3, replaced Metacity using the Clutter graphics library (thus the name). Can apparently be used as a stand-alone WM.
MWM (Lesstif) [homepage]
0.95.2 20090527 20230407 "Hungry Programmers" The originally proprietary, now free Motif WM was re-implemented at lesstif.org. That project stopped early 2013 after Motif was open-sourced. See Enhanced MWM for a modern (2023) fix. 2003 Review
MWM (Motif) [homepage]
2.3.8 20171205 20230527 Based on the Motif toolkit, appeared in the early 1990s. Originally proprietary (Lesstif was made as a free replacement), now open-source.
NovaWM [homepage]
Alpha-0.8.1 20080406 20230503 Tim "realmz" Walters Looks like it takes its hints from Blackbox?
miNimalistic WM [homepage]
2015101600 20151016 20230503 Adam Tlałka Based on evilwm and aewm, GPL.
newm [homepage] git 20230313 20230503 Jonas Bucher Wayland compositor, written in Python, tiling, MIT license.
NsCDE [homepage] 2.2 20220724 20230412 git handle "Hegel3DReloaded "Not so Common Desktop Environment" - similar in look to CDE, based on FVWM and verging on being a "Desktop Environment."
nwm [homepage]
1.3.0 20150909 20230503 Mikito "mixu" Takada "Tiling window manager for X11 written in Node.js." Requires node.js (of course). Looks like documentation is fairly good.
Notion [homepage]
git 20230404 20230503 orig. Tuomo Valkonen. Now "the Notion team," incl. Arnout Engelen. Carries on the abandoned Ion3 under a modified LGPL license. Tiling. Scriptable in Lua. See also anion3.
olvwm [Wikipedia] not available was Scott Oaks, now Tomas Konojacki Emulates Sun olwm with virtual desktops. Available with some distros: package shown is Debian jessie (it's not in newer versions).
olwm [Wikipedia] not available was Sun Microsystems (many patches applied since public release). now Tomas Konojacki. Package shown is Debian jessie (it's not in newer versions). Sun olwm (or a clone thereof?). Package shown is Debian oldstable (not available in stable or testing, although it continues to lurk in sid).
OmegaWM [homepage]
not available Hyriand The author, "Hyriand," also worked on Kahakai. Requires SConstruct, Cairo, ImLib2.
Openbox [homepage]
3.6.1 20150701 20230505 Mikael Magnusson, Dana Jansens, Derek Foreman, Tore Anderson, Audun Hove, Marius Nita, et al. Based on Blackbox, standards-compliant, fast, works with GNOME and KDE. A personal favourite. As it's considered feature-complete, very little development happens.
Orion [homepage]
0.2 20040524 20230503 David Frese, Norbert Freudemann. Written in scsh. Similar behaviour to Ion. Still mentioned at the scsh pages: some or all links to the WM itself are periodically broken.
OroboROX [homepage]
not available Guido Schimmels and Jonatan Liljedahl A modification of Oroborus intended for the ROX Desktop. Stability problems caused and 0.9.8 to be discarded in favour of the older Download site vanished roughly ~200912. Site vanished 201212.
Oroborus [homepage] X
not available orig. Ken Lynch, later Stefan Pfetzing. Minimalist, includes utilities to bind keys and launch applications. Last release 2010. 2020-08: site changed hands to a VR project.
Parti [homepage]
git 20170423 20230424 Nathaniel Smith 'Parti is a tabbing/tiling (one might say "partitioning") window manager. Its goal is to bring this superior window management interface to modern, mainstream desktop environments. It is written in Python, uses GTK+ ...' Alpha. Also "[defunct]."
PAWM [homepage]
2.3.0 20100503 20230512 David Gómez Espinosa, Raúl Nùñez de Arenas Coronado. Puto Amo Window Manager. Small. Unmaintained since 2011.
PekWM [homepage] [Wikipedia] 0.3.0 20230123 20230512 Claes Nästén, Andreas "ioerror" Based on aewm++ with window grouping like PWM and Fluxbox. I rather liked this WM (years ago). There are code commits on the GitHub repo more recent than the version linked at the website.
PerlWM [homepage]
0.0.7 20040523 20230503 Rich Williams(?) Written in Perl. Not very stable or usable (2003). And not updated since 2004.
Phluid [homepage]
0.0.3 20001113 20230512 Matthew M. Elder Declared dead by developer 200304. Used Imlib2, aimed for ICCCM compliance. BSD License.
piewm [homepage] X
not available tvtwm modified to use pie menus - an early rudimentary implementation of mouse gestures.
Pixie [homepage]
not available Johan "Owl" Ceuppens This isn't quite a window manager. It's a library for creating WMs. Gone 404 ~2012-02.
PLWM [homepage] 2.6a 20040409 20230503 Peter Liljenberg "Pointless Window Manager." Written in Python. "This is not a window manager for non-programmers" (Freshmeat comment). No decorations. It is both a set of classes for implementing a WM, and a WM. Some activity 200911.
progman [homepage] git 20230201 20230416 Joshua Stein Looks like Program Manager from Windows 3, based on aewm. Author also wrote sdorfehs.
Puppet [homepage]
0.3 20080213 20230504 Stephen Tse, Roman Kennke The (minimalist, no decorations) WM for the Escher Java Library for X Windows, downloaded as a part of Escher. Version number is for Escher. "window manager" link is broken, but "download" is still available.
PWM [homepage] [Wikipedia] not available Tuomo Valkonen "The first tabbing window manager." The author moved on to Ion, and then left open source entirely - his website is now down. Ion can also be compiled to behave like PWM. 2003 Review
pwm (2) [homepage] 2.39 20230330 20230407 Hiroyuki Ohsaki "A simple but extensible X11 window manager written in Perl." Run a Makefile that fetches the 'pwm' script and needed software ... if you're on Debian. There's manual installation on other OSes. "Motivated by" perlwm. Tiling, no window decorations. See also same author's xpywm.
PycaWM [homepage]
not available Vincent Rasneur, Anaël Verrier. Written in Python. GPLv3.
Pyro Desktop [homepage]
not available Alex Graveley Firefox extension (for 3.0x?) that turns the browser into a WM and web desktop. Their website doesn't make it clear: you need a compositing window manager or this won't work. Worked very poorly on my machine circa 2007. Page had DB errors 2011-01 to 2012-09.
PyWM [homepage]
0.1-1-a4-1 20060417 20230504 orig. David Mcnab, now Elmo Mäntynen. A modification of FLWM scriptable in Python. Author says it's a very early version. I doubt it would work with any current version of Python.
qlwm [homepage]
not available Alexander Linden Based on Qt, written in C++. Window decorations are Fluxbox-like. Switches readily between traditional, tiling, and full screen modes. I quite like it, but it has heavy memory demands because of its use of Qt (if you use GNOME or KDE already this will hardly be an issue for you). Review of 4.1.
Qtile [homepage]
0.22.1 20220922 20230504 Aldo Cortesi Written in Python, tiling, screenshot suggests strong similarities to wmii/dwm. MIT license.
quarkwm [homepage]
3_200710022054 20071002 20230504 FC Keyboard-driven, some similarities to Ratpoison. The source code appears to be totally uncommented.
qvwm [homepage] [Wikipedia] 30042007 20070430 20230512 orig. Kenichi Kourai. 2007 onward: "ali vardar," Jim "jserv" Huang, Mitch "mjd" Davis. Windows 95-alike. Written from scratch in C++. Website died ~2012-11, now pointing to a more recently modified version maintained by ... someone else. 2003 Review
Ratpoison [homepage]
1.4.9 20170404 20230512 Shawn Betts Tiling keyboard-driven minimalist WM with emacs- and screen-like key bindings. 2003 Review
rio [homepage]
git 20230331 20230515 Russ Cox and others on GitHub Derived from 9wm, and intended to be more like Bell's original Rio. Wikipedia article relates to Bell Lab's Plan 9's original rio, but mentions this one. For source, look for a github link (no branches, no tags ... urgh).
River WM [homepage] v0.2.4 20230210 20230414 Isaac Freund "River is a dynamic tiling Wayland compositor with flexible runtime configuration." "Note: river is currently early in development. Expect breaking changes and missing features." Written in Zig.
ROX Desktop [homepage]
~2018 20230412 Not a WM: ROX is a file manager imitating the RISC OS GUI that manages your desktop on top of a WM (currently OroboROX).
rpx [homepage] X
not available Thien-Thi Nguyen

"[A] port of ratpoison to Guile 1.4.x Scheme," "RatPoison eXhumed." Requires ttn-do (presumably a product of the same author, whose initials are TTN). Site died between 20180825 and 20190112.

RTL Siemens Tiled Window Manager [homepage]
5.2-working 20111219 20230420 Originally RTL Siemens, now Christoph Lohmann and Paul Onyschuk One of the first tiling window managers (~1988) cleaned to work with Linux systems ~2011.
s3d [homepage]
[Wikipedia] 20200126 20230504 Simon Wunderlich s3d "is a 3d network display server which can be used as 3d desktop enviroment." Hard to build at v0.2.1.1 (2009), haven't tried since. released 2020, nine years after 0.2.2.
Sapphire [homepage]
not available Frank Hale "Sapphire" and aewm++ are different variants of the same project by the same author, but development on Sapphire has stopped. The homepage appears deliberately blank since ~200706? 2003 Review
Sara [homepage]
git 20220908 20230411 "gitluin" at GitHub Tiling. "Originally a fork of catwm, now an offspring of dwm" ... "with a bit of bspwm (sockets) for good measure, and some extra UNIX philosophy inspiration from monsterwm." Announcement at Reddit. Now archived at GitHub.
Sawfish [homepage]
1.13.0 20211224 20230424 Formerly titled "sawmill." Highly scriptable through a LISP derivative. Was for some time the WM of GNOME. Dead 2003-2006, now in active development again.
screen [homepage]
4.9.0 20220201 20230517 Originally Oliver Laumann, more recently Wayne Davison, Juergen Weigert and Michael Schroeder. Unsecured downloads: prefer your OS's package manager as this is bundled with every Linux. Screen is a text-based application that multiplexes a terminal between applications.
scrotwm [homepage]
Marco Peereboom, Ryan Thomas McBride, Darrin Chandler Former name of spectrwm - see that entry.
scwm [homepage]
[Wikipedia] 20000312 20230515 Greg J. Badros, Maciej Stachowiak, et al. "Scheme Constraints" WM. Configurable with a Guile Scheme language.
sdorfehs [homepage] 1.5 20230127 20230416 Joshua Stein By the author of progman. "Pronounced 'starfish.'" Okay ... "A tiling window manager descended from ratpoison."
SithWM [homepage]
1.2.3 20080425 20230504 Øyvind "Darth olr" Røtvold "Keyboard-driven," "minimalist." Based on evilwm: different (better, in my view) key bindings, new menu, functionality.
SkatOSWM [homepage]
1.0 20050113 20230411 Bodo Giannone "SkatOSWM is a very small window manager which centers all new windows on the screen. This is the only supported feature. Perhaps it is very oversized to even name it a window manager..."
SmallWM [homepage]
git 20200228 20230523 Adam Marchetti "SmallWM is an extended version of TinyWM, made for actual desktop use." Public Domain. Nick Welsh's TinyWM is something of a classic at 50 lines of code, this is interesting.
Snapwm / Nextwm [homepage]
git 20200519 20230515 "moetunes" By the author of dminiwm, this "is dminiwm with a desktop switcher, info bar and reloadable rc file." Also known as "snapwm."
sowm [homepage]
1.6 20200221 20230416 Dylan Araps "Shitty Opinionated Window Manager." Written in C, small and simple.
spectrwm [homepage]
git 20230507 20230518 Marco Peereboom, Ryan Thomas McBride, Darrin Chandler Formerly "scrotwm." "... largely inspired by xmonad and dwm," borrows code from dwm, written in C. Tiling. ISC license. Source is in git, previously available tarballs seem to have vanished.
Spook [homepage]
not available Nick Welch By the author of TinyWM and whimsy. X/MIT license. Written in C++, based on aewm. Sounded interesting, but: "The thing runs and works with few crashes/etc., but it's not even worthy of calling alpha" and he's declared it abandoned. Code not available.
sscrotwm [homepage] git 20120303 20230424 Jacob "sporkexec" Courtneay "Shriveled scrotwm is a minimalist fork of scrotwm/spectrwm."
Stumpwm [homepage]
22.11 20221121 20230523 Shawn Betts? Tiling (similarities to Ratpoison) minimalist WM. Requires a lisp environment (which uses as lot of memory), and a strong knowledge of lisp seems to be a pre-requisite. Download from the GitHub page (more recent versions).
subtle [homepage]
not available Christoph Kappel Tiling WM, behaviour based on Wily/ACME. Original code base was aewm, now fully rewritten. Requires Ruby and Rake. Configurable with Ruby (was Lua until about 2008).
Sugar [homepage]
13.2.11 20200129 20230412 "The OLPC Team" Not a WM. The interface for the OLPC, written in Python. Runs on top of Matchbox. Seems to include instructions for building and using it on many distros. Fetch and build is done with jbuild, which obscures the current version, and it doesn't look easy.
Sway [homepage] 1.8.1 20230212 20230505 Drew "SirCmpwn" DeVault Drop-in replacement for i3 that uses Wayland.
Solbourne WM [source]
? 19930929 20230504 Tom LaStrange Solbourne WM. First WM with a virtual desktop, 1989. Also had some session management. "source" link points to a 1993 tarball originally from xwinman.org. The author, Tom LaStrange, previously wrote TWM.
SWM [homepage]
not available Adam Purkrt "... animating, TeX-like decorating (window, decorations, buttons etc. are treated as vboxes/hboxes) ..." First called "Simple" then "Spartan" (2012-04), then "S Window Manager." Website broken PHP 2013-03 to 08, WM gone 2014-01.
sWM [homepage]
1.3.4c 20040624 20230424 Robert Sperling Small WM. Based on aewm, tries for ICCCM and GNOME compliance.
TabletWM [homepage]
0.29 20171002 20230515 Sergio Costas Rodríguez A WM for tablets running X. Maximizes windows, no decorations, small code base. Provides a separate but probably needed launcher.
TAL/wm [homepage]
not available Nolan Liebert Originally based on dwm code. "The goal [was] to be even more minimal and equally as customizable." MIT License. Author (dwemo, AntiWM) says he's not going to maintain TAL/wm "as I really don't think we need more forks of dwm anymore." Source code vanished 200907.
TDE [homepage]
not available While the site still exists (2013-05), this Brazilian Windows XP imitator has vanished.
tekwm [source]
19891122 19891122 20230505 Glenn Widener Written for Tektronix equipment, based on awm. "source" link above is to a 1989 tarball from X11R4.
tfwm [homepage] 0.6 20130428 20230425 "Djay" aka "fennecdjay" "Tiny Floating manager ... with desktops,keybindings,and rules." GPLv3. Written in C.
TinyWM [homepage]
1.3 20050310 20230515 Nick Welch 50 lines of C code, also available in Python. Also the author of Whimsy. Review (2007)
tmux [homepage]
3.3a 20220609 20230425 Nicholas Marriott BSD-licensed, terminal multiplexer - quite similar to "screen" but newer and less crufty. I use this extensively.
Toy'd [homepage]
not available 20070216 20230503 Mathieu De Kermadec, Germain Gaudart, Kenfe-Mickael Laventure, Matthieu Martin, Arnaud Vallat, Laurent Malvert, Ting-Ann Lin "Built on top of Aoof-Wm, an advanced object oriented framework ..." Meant to be portable across OSes. "There is no window manager yet, we are currently re-designing it." Rigor mortis is setting in: the old domain name is dead, files aren't available.
treewm [homepage]
0.4.5 20030915 20230505 Thomas Jãger "The user can create desktops which can themselves contain windows and desktops." Not intuitive.
Trinity Desktop Environment [homepage]
R14.1.0 20230430 20230505 Timothy Pearson et al TDE is a continuation of KDE3, forked from v3.5. Timothy Pearson (the author) was the 3.x coordinator of Kubuntu releases.
tritium [homepage]
0.3.5 20080613 20230517 Mike O'Connor "tritium is a tiling/tabbed window manager for the X Window System inspired by the Ion window manager. It was written completely from scratch in python and shares no actual code with Ion." Based on PLWM.
TrsWM [homepage]
not available Yaroslav "Yarick" Rastrigin Based on Ion, manage windows with the keyboard. Source tarball link broken (20080316), but you can download the source rpm and extract the tarball from that. **Gone 404 2016-03.
True3D*Shell [Wikipedia] not available Riccardo Pompeo "True3D*Shell is an open source 3D desktop environment ... experience 3D browsing in a virtual reality universe ..." but does it manage windows? Written in C++ (with Eclipse). Site advertising crapware ~201311.
tsubasa [homepage] X
not available Nicolas Centa "It is written in C++, mostly using safe programming techniques, uses midtalk and gtkmm. ... It is recommanded that you use Xephyr in order to test tsubasa, as it is not very stable at the moment." 403 on 2019-05 to 2019-08.
tvtwm [homepage] [Wikipedia] 1.0.1 20150322 20230517 John D. Hendrickson, Chris Ross, orig. Tom LaStrange Tom's Virtual Tab WM (the virtual desktop is a viewport to one large area) version of TWM. The project has recently (2015 ...) been fixed to compile more easily on current systems.
twin [homepage]
git 20230124 20230515 Massimiliano Ghilardi twin is a text-based WM for the console or terminal. I had trouble getting it to compile and/or behave in 2008 (there have been several releases since ...), although I used it heavily prior to that. These days I prefer tmux.
Twindy [homepage]
not available Niall Moody 2021-10: WM removed from site. "Inspired by Tracktion, the multitrack audio editor/sequencer." Version 1.00 was intended to be the "final," last release, but he's continued occasional updates. Language: C++. Review of version 0.45b. Notes
TWM [homepage]
1:1.0.10-1 ~201810 20230512 Tom LaStrange "Tom's" or "Tab" WM, although not tabbed in the modern sense of grouping. Old, usually very stable. Not developed, just maintained. Version and homepage are from Debian (testing) packages. 2003 Review
UDE [homepage]
0.2.11b 20220605 20230517 Christian Ruppert Unix Desktop Environment. Unusual design.
ukwm [homepage] 1.2.1 20210604 20230515 "handsome-feng," "liuyi92", et al "UKUI" is a desktop environment, at least part of which is available in Debian 11. But the GitHub page for the WM doesn't even have a README - makes it hard to describe here. Some connection to mutter.
UnWimp [homepage]
not available Clive Crous From one of the authors of EvilPoison. He said 'It "steals" concepts/ideas from treewm, Ratpoison and wmii to become what it will be.' Website is frequently broken, project appears abandoned.
uwm [source]
? 19970213 20230515 Digital Equipment Corporation, M. Gancarz, Loretta Guarino Reid. "Universal" WM, or "Ultrix" WM, depending on who you ask. "Very outdated, but is an excellent example of how to do simple window manager functions." Comment and source archive are from xwinman.org.
μwm [homepage]
0.30 20111109 20230512 "Johns johns98@gmx.net" Written in C, stacking, very few dependencies, GPL3. Looks like it includes everything most people expect: menu, multiple desktops, themes, toolbar, etc.
Velox [homepage]
git 20220210 20230519 Michael Forney Inspired by awesome, xmonad, dwm. Configured with YAML. Uses Wayland.
Vtwm [homepage]
5.5.0 20180421 20230412 Tom LaStrange et al. Extends TWM with a large (single) virtual desktop - like tvtwm. The snapshot file shows activity 201003.
VWM [homepage]
2.1.3 20091104 20230505 Bryan Christ A competitor for twin! "Viper Window Manager (VWM) is a lightweight, extensible window manager for the console." Lighter than twin, and works well (v1.2.0?).
w9wm [homepage]
0.4.2 20041223 20230515 Benjamin Drieu. Based on David Hogan's 9wm. Adds virtual desktops to 9wm. 2003 Review
Waimea [homepage]
0.4.0 20021105 20230515 David Reveman Some code from Blackbox but not a fork, eye candy added. There was some development in 2004, no stable code produced: newer homepage at freedesktop.org.
Way Cooler [homepage]
0.8.1/git 20181122/20191130 20230523 Preston "Timidger" Carpenter, and others on GitHub "... is a tiling Wayland window manager, written in Rust, configurable using Lua, and extendable with D-Bus." "This repository has been archived by the owner."
Wayfire [homepage] 0.7.5 20221201 20230416 "Wayfire is a wayland compositor based on wlroots [part of sway]. It aims to create a customizable, extendable and lightweight environment ..."
WeeWM [homepage] X
not available flashcode AT flashtux DOT org, xahlexx AT weeland DOT org, bounga AT altern DOT org. Small, keyboard-oriented. Site died between 20190116 - 20190617.
Whim [homepage]
not available George Peter Staplin "Written in Tcl ... utilizes Tk, and optionally Tile." It seems to build it you need to download "megapkg," and version numbers and dates are sometimes from that package, sometimes from a Whim package. Site dead 2014-06 on. Code available here.
Whimsy [homepage]
0.1a1 20080713 20230515 Nick Welch "Whimsy is a highly hackable window manager written in Python. It is currently in a alpha phase and is marginally suitable for use." By the author of TinyWM. Licence is "public domain."
wimpwm [homepage] X
not available Martin Grabmüller Limited decorations, small. Requires Sizzle Scheme interpreter. "... heavily inspired by aewm ... key bindings are taken from evilwm ... style of window resizing came from TWM." Site died ~2018-01.
Wind [homepage]
1.5 20140521 20230420 Johan Veenhuizen "Overlapping window management ... click-to-...focus ... implements most parts of ICCCM and EWMH/NetWM." MIT/X license. Very basic appearance (as of 1.0). Task bar with pager, menu, clock, window list. Virtual desktops, no minimize. Same author as the older Karmen.
Window Manager From Scratch (WMFS) [homepage]
git 20180520 20230517 Martin Duquesnoy (primary) plus contributors "The goal of this project is to make a very basic, lightweight and dynamic WM." Tiling, BSD license, not currently stable. Original home wmfs.info vanished late 2014, now and advertising site. WMFS2 (which is what you get at this website(?)) is an incompatible rewrited of WMFS 1.
WindowLab [homepage]
git 20160227 20230517 Nick Gravgaard Based in part on 9wm and partly inspired by the Amiga Workbench. No virtual desktops, apparently not Xinerama-aware. 2003 Review
Window Maker [homepage]
0.95.9 20200404 20230527 Alfredo Kojima, Dan Pascu. Emulates NeXT's GUI. Abandoned for several years which spawned the Wmaker-crm maintenance fork. They merged 2012-02. 2003 Review
wingo [homepage]
git 20201011 20230517 Andrew "BurntSushi" Gallant Written in Go. Tiling and stacking multiheaded. Openbox meets xmonad?
Wizard Desktop [homepage]
16October2018 20181016 20230517 Andrew Waidler Tabbed and tiling, based on awesome and Ion, written with Java Swing and LGPL-3.0-licensed.
wm2 [homepage]
4 19970321 20230519 Chris Cannam Minimalist but looks great - unusual. With vertical title bars. If you want virtual desktops, see wmx. Last updated in 1997 ... 2003 Review
wmG [homepage]
not available Scott "Reeve" Barnes Intended to work with (a very old version of) GNOME. "This project is abandoned," site now dead.
WMI [homepage] 11 20091127 20230505 Anselm R. Garbe "Window Manager Improved", spawned wmii and dwm. Development has ceased. The "homepage" listed here is a download folder at suckless.org.
wmii [homepage]
3.9.2 20100610 20230407 orig. Anselm R. Garbe, Kris Maglione - maintainer. "Window Manager Improved 2". Primarily keyboard driven, tries to remain small. A personal favourite. Until 200711 they adamantly refused to support multi-monitor (Xinerama): not sure where that stands now. 3.6.x is more recent than 3.9.x ... I have no answer to that one.
wmonad [homepage] git 20201108 20230416 Nick Spinale "wmonad is a tiling window manager based heavily on xmonad."
wmx [homepage]
8 20141116 20230519 Chris Cannam Adds virtual desktops to wm2. Averaging one release every five years - he keeps this updated. 2003 Review, Notes
Worm [homepage]
0.3.2 20220829 20230512 "codic12" Small, dynamic, tag-based WM written in Nim language.
WTFTW [homepage]
git 20210121 20230411 Simon "Kintaro" Wollwage Tiling. Written in Rust.
wwm [homepage]
2.0 19990212 20230417 Jörg Czeranski Weird WM. Was intended as a OS prototype rather than a WM, and appears abandoned.
XD640 [homepage]
0.3.1-1 20051120 20230414 Jean-Marc Lienher "Lightweight desktop environment and office suite ... Warning: ... early development stage! The development is currently stalled." Aiming at i486 66MHz 16MB, 640x480, BSD license, based on fltk. 2021-08: Redesigned (French) site. No code available at the moment.
XFast [homepage]
0.9 20080707 20230519 "oxygenic" Incorporates a window server and manager in one, intended for embedded systems. Forked from Xynth.
xfwm [homepage]
4.18 20221215 20230414 Olivier Fourdan WM for the XFCE project. "XFCE" once stood for "XForms Common Environment," as its behaviour was derived from that of Sun's CDE.
XIGE [homepage]
not available Juan Jose Medina Olarte From xwinman.org: "Xilicius Graphical Environment is ... optimized for programmers, laptops and fast users." Based on ideas from lwm and ACME, the Plan 9 editor/environment. The URL has been known to go away for long periods.
XMonad [homepage]
0.17.2 20230402 20230417 Spencer Janssen, Don Stewart, Jason Creighton. Rewrite and extension of dwm in Haskell. Includes Xinerama (which dwm does not). Tiling, keyboard-oriented. Haskell is a pain to install and work with under Debian (~2010). Recent versions of xmonad will rebuild themselves if you change the config file.
xoat [homepage]
git 20160629 20230527 Sean Pringle "An obstinate, asymmetric, tiling, window manager for X." Same author as goomwwm.
XPde [homepage]
not available José León, Zeljan Rikalo, Jens Kühner, Valery Gabrusev. XP-alike for Linux. "Desktop environment." Written in Kylix (discontinued proprietary Pascal variant). Domain expired 2011-09.
xpywm [homepage] git 20210329 20230414 Hiroyuki Ohsaki "A simple but extensible X11 window manager written in Python." Based on the same author's pwm (2) which was written in Perl, in turn "motivated by" perlwm.
XSWM [homepage]
1.1 20040826 20230417 Marco Castelvecchio "eXtreme Speed WM," based on evilwm, appears to add OSD and not much else. Download link is broken (200812), but go to sourceforge and search and you'll find it.
XTags [homepage]
0.5 20080420 20230424 Claudio M. Alessi Keyboard-driven, "implements tags for X11." Intended to be used with dvtm ... and no other WM. Interesting idea - but 12 years abandoned.
XWEM [homepage]
CVS ~2005 20230425 Evgeny Zajcev (main), Richard Klinda, Alex Ott, Didier Verna, Steve Youngs. "... XWEM is written entirely in Emacs Lisp and runs in XEmacs." Tiling. Yes, makes XEmacs your window manager. There was an xwem.org domain, but it lapsed: this is an older site. See also the much more active Emacs X Window Manager.
xwm [homepage] 0.1.9 20220125 20230417 Michael "mcpcpc" Czigler "A minimal viable solution that was developed with single-monitor workflows in mind." Requires some suckless tools.
Xynth [homepage]
not available Alper Akcan X server replacement and desktop environment for embedded environment. LGPL. XFast is a GPL fork of this. There appears to be ongoing work on the project. Domain xynth.org dropped unceremoniously 200908.
YAWM [homepage]
not available Found at xwinman.org: "in an early state of development, [YAWM] aims to be portable, intuitive and fast." yawm.org was for sale, then dead, now (200810) purchased with holding page. yawm.sourceforge.net was empty until approx. 200810, now has a name and no files.
YeahWM [homepage]
0.3.5 20041125 20230503 knorke_at_phrat.de Based on evilwm and aewm with mildly BeOS-like appearance.
ZDE [Wikipedia] not available Thomas Coppi "Zeta Desktop Environment." Window manager plus a couple tools. Version number is "zimwm". Objective C and Perl. Author considers it alpha. Died summer 2014, was at http://developer.berlios.de/projects/zde/
ZWM [homepage]
1.0.0 20020208 20230503 Nils Gladitz "First ZWM code release," now quite old. SDL-based. After a decade of nothing, "As of 2013-02-22, this project is no longer under active development."

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