'Accident Man: Hitman's Holiday' - Movie Review

"Accident Man" was a fun movie, and a good showcase for Scott Adkins. It was directed by his long-time partner Jesse V. Johnson (they've made something like six movies together) and based on a graphic novel about a hit man whose kills all look like accidents. This sequel isn't directed by Johnson, and the listed writers are Stu Smalls and Scott Adkins (as it turns out, Adkins had a hand in writing the previous one as well). And man, do they have a vicious and hilarious sense of humour. This is at least as violent as its predecessor, and has a surprisingly quixotic (a word, I might add, that's actually used in the script) sideline in the idea of making a family wherever you go and/or hanging onto the one you have. It's perverse, it's insane, and it's always entertaining. One important thing for fans of the martial arts: they've retained the excellent choreography of the previous movie. If you're a fan of the genre, this is a must-see.

I made a connection between this movie and "Boss Level" - they both have huge kinetic energy and a cast of insane assassins out for our anti-hero. The difference is "Boss Level" has the SF / "Groundhog Day" thing going on and is "action," not "martial arts."

From the credits: "Fight Choreography: Andy Long, Hung Dante Dong, Scott Adkins."