Scotland 2002

A trip to Scotland, mainly Edinburgh, in 2002. Photos were shot on a Canon SureShot 120, a compact 35mm travel camera that was convenient and quite good. But since it's a film camera these are negative scans - and by the standards of 2016, these images look fairly shabby. I'm keeping a few of them around, but don't expect much.

Image Scotland2002.20020324.2.FT.01.html, size 59785 b
Image Scotland2002.20020324.2.FT.02.html, size 31254 b
Image Scotland2002.20020324.2.FT.06.html, size 81371 b
Image Scotland2002.20020324.2.FT.08.html, size 82454 b
Image Scotland2002.20020324.2.FT.09.html, size 114079 b
Image Scotland2002.20020324.2.FT.10.html, size 98737 b
Image Scotland2002.20020324.1.SS.26A.html, size 104072 b
Image Scotland2002.20020324.1.SS.27A.html, size 112533 b
Image Scotland2002.20020325.1.FT.04A.html, size 53770 b
Image Scotland2002.20020325.1.FT.05A.html, size 105485 b
Image Scotland2002.20020325.1.FT.10A.html, size 106424 b
Image Scotland2002.20020325.1.FT.11A.html, size 102951 b
Image Scotland2002.20020325.1.FT.13A.html, size 118917 b
Image Scotland2002.20020325.1.FT.17A.html, size 42327 b
Image Scotland2002.20020326.1.SS.04A.html, size 111458 b
Image Scotland2002.20020326.1.SS.19A.html, size 71851 b
Image Scotland2002.20020326.1.SS.33A.html, size 116204 b
Image Scotland2002.20020327.1.SS.07A.html, size 55423 b
Image Scotland2002.20020327.1.SS.11A.html, size 82275 b
Image Scotland2002.20020327.1.SS.16A.html, size 79467 b
Image Scotland2002.postcard-edinburgh-04.html, size 211112 b
Image Scotland2002.20020327.1.SS.19A.html, size 92652 b
Image Scotland2002.20020327.1.SS.24A.html, size 56084 b
Image Scotland2002.20020327.2.FT.01A.html, size 48892 b
Image Scotland2002.20020327.2.FT.25A.html, size 124861 b
Image Scotland2002.20020327.2.FT.27A.html, size 104562 b
Image Scotland2002.20020328.1.SS.00A.html, size 97394 b
Image Scotland2002.20020328.1.SS.22A.html, size 140103 b
Image Scotland2002.20020328.2.FT.07.html, size 79077 b
Image Scotland2002.20020328.2.FT.19.html, size 84437 b
Image Scotland2002.20020328.2.FT.25.html, size 60577 b
Image Scotland2002.20020328.2.FT.34.html, size 73613 b
Image Scotland2002.20020329.1.SS.07A.html, size 75867 b
Image Scotland2002.20020329.1.SS.10A.html, size 64988 b
Image Scotland2002.20020329.1.SS.21A.html, size 121888 b
Image Scotland2002.20020329.1.SS.24A.html, size 79371 b
Image Scotland2002.20020324.1.SS.28A.html, size 38104 b
Image Scotland2002.20020329.1.SS.29A.html, size 96441 b
Image Scotland2002.20020329.1.SS.32A.html, size 67453 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.1.SS.00A.html, size 165380 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.1.SS.01A.html, size 71228 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.1.SS.10A.html, size 90716 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.1.SS.12A.html, size 125213 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.1.SS.16A.html, size 118773 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.1.SS.18A.html, size 118468 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.1.SS.20A.html, size 94371 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.1.SS.23A.html, size 78276 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.1.SS.29A.html, size 72540 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.1.SS.31A.html, size 86832 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.2.SS.02A.html, size 90557 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.2.SS.18A.html, size 78259 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.2.SS.21A.html, size 110086 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.2.SS.27A.html, size 141025 b
Image Scotland2002.20020330.2.SS.33A.html, size 86112 b
Image Scotland2002.20020331.1.FT.07.html, size 73614 b
Image Scotland2002.20020331.1.FT.09.html, size 93946 b
Image Scotland2002.postcard-edinburgh-05.html, size 246214 b 
by giles