Venice 2003

Catherine and I spent Spring Break (15-23 March) 2003 in Venice, Italy. Many people have expressed jealousy over this, as if we'd done something unattainable. Read Frommer's "Budget Travel" magazine, or visit The trip cost us (airfare and hotel included) $900 each. Go yourself. Travel is something you have to decide to do, and it does cost money: but think about that $900. If you would rather spend it on a set of golf clubs, that's your choice (but not mine). I drive a used sedan rather than a new sports car, another choice to save money for travel (and other things).

A few notes when reading this site: a "Campanile" is a church bell tower. One euro was roughly one U.S. dollar at the time. And Venice is an island in the middle of a lagoon on the Adriatic.

If you're at this website for a short visit, look at The Essence of Venice. If you like to read, look at the diary. And, of course, there's the photographs. 
by giles