Images from the Gimp

I use the Gimp for photo editing and image creation. The bulk of the images I've created are background tiles. I always enjoyed Bowie Poag's "Propaganda" series, so I suppose that's the standard I have to live up to. Each monthly directory has a tarball in it. If you're a Windows user and you use these, all I ask is that you give 60 seconds thought to trying out Linux (or xBSD, or any flavour of Unix). There are many free OSes, and they all offer incredible power.

These tiles are dedicated to the people who made Linux possible, the people who wrote the fabulous applications I use every day (not just the glory apps like the web browsers, but ls, rxvt, grep, gimp, kernel modules and device drivers ... all of them), and the people who wrote the docs so I could figure it out, and the friends who helped me learn. The people I will never be able to thank in person. I hope you enjoy them.

The tile names are partly mine, partly several other people. The naming scheme is inconsistent. Deal with it.

The only things I've done with photos other than crop/resize/colour adjust are these:

Tarot Card Project 
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