Photo Gallery, May and June 2006

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Around Toronto, and a trip to Montreal.

Image 200606.20060524.5070.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 82060 b
Image 200606.20060527.5086.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 62463 b
Image 200606.20060527.5102.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 83498 b
Image 200606.20060528.5130.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 67022 b
Image 200606.20060528.5142.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 82556 b
Image 200606.20060528.5159.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 47452 b
Image 200606.20060614.5221.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 76387 b
Image 200606.20060614.5227.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 146288 b
Image 200606.20060614.5236.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 117122 b
Image 200606.20060615.5260.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 100799 b
Image 200606.20060615.5248.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 83270 b
Image 200606.20060615.5266.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 94048 b
Image 200606.20060615.5269.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 89867 b 
by giles