December 2009 Photos

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The ice photos were taken at the foot of the Scarborough Bluffs, near the Guild Inn. Mid-December.

Image 200912.20091220.2398.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 123152 b
Image 200912.20091220.2405.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 231721 b
Image 200912.20091220.2415.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 279437 b
Image 200912.20091220.2422.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 178943 b
Image 200912.20091220.2424.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 299794 b
Image 200912.20091220.2428.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 284178 b
Image 200912.20090920.2329.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 277539 b
Image 200912.20090920.2333.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 261836 b
Image 200912.20091216.2363.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 188537 b 
by giles