November 2008 Photos

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I've thrown in four shots of Berlin that didn't get into the website initially through neglect. Only the first one is going onto the main page, the remaining three are all going into "seconds." But I do find I.M. Pei Bau fascinating.

Image 200811.20081013.7438.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 174213 b
Image 200811.20081013.7442.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 231005 b
Image 200811.20081013.7445.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 138299 b
Image 200811.20081013.7449.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 141907 b
Image 200811.20081101.7648.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 130111 b
Image 200811.20081101.7654.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 222674 b
Image 200811.20080918.6997.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 125334 b
Image 200811.20080918.6999.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 147160 b
Image 200811.20080918.7001.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 240230 b
Image 200811.20080918.7048.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 214446 b 
by giles